Gem tours at famous mines. Collect world-class minerals. Learn from the experts. You can keep what you find. An unforgettable experience!

Solar Wind Mine

Visit the Solar Wind Mine for a chance to find your own gems: Bixbyite, Pink Topaz, Pseudobrookite and more! Your visit allows you a unique view of the world famous Solar Wind mine. Dig and screen your own gems. Keep what you find!

SC Red Beryl Mine

Visit the Searle Canyon Red Beryl Mine! Located in beautiful western desert of Utah. Mine your own rare red beryl and topaz. Red Beryl (sometimes referred to as Red Emerald) is one of the worlds most rare gemstones. 1,000's of times more rare than diamonds!


We have a combo-pass allowing you to visit both of our world famous mines. Solar Wind Bixbyite and Pink Topaz Mine & Searle Canyon Red Beryl Mine. For a limited time discounted price.

Susan RodmanSusan Rodman
My friend Sandra & I had such a great time at the mines. We found the most beautiful earth gems and minerals. I can’t thank Jeremy & John enough for all their hard work in helping us bring home some great pieces. Thanks again to John & his wife for digging us out of a ditch and making that day at the “glitter” mine a fun one after that....

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Some of the most amazing and rare gems in the world! Life long memories made. Thank you! 

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My son and I met up with Jeremy and John to experience the Guided tour of the Red Beryl Mine, as well as the Solar Wind Mine.I cannot recommend the guided tours enough. Aside of knowing exactly where to did, John and Jeremy worked their butts off to make sure we had the best experience, and the most productive experience possible. They did the vast majority of the hard work, knowing the proper veins of material bearing the beryl and topaz, providing the mined raw material for us to sift through for the gems. If we had been on our ...

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korin Silberbergkorin SilberbergRead Full Testimonial
Red beryl has always been at the top of the bucket list for me for minerals. I’ve gone to topaz mountain before and found some topaz but no red beryl. After I went to the ocean view mine in Pala California I looked at the partner mines and I saw the searle red beryl mine. It was a fee dig where you can find red beryl. I was so excited I begged my mom for months to take me. We waited till the last minute and I called the number on the mine’s website and I told Jeremy, the mine ...

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